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So many women are not aware that the American Cancer Society stopped recommending self breast exams.  The new recomendation is "breast awareness".  The Breast Health Project teaches a simple way to "get to know" your breast tissue that

  • feels GREAT!

  • moves your lymphatic fluid

  • opens your meridian system

It is true that most women find their own breast cancer.  But training us to look for cancer in our breasts every month is a "strange" idea at best. What if there was something you could do that actually helped to imporve the health of your breasts?!?

Women find that this massage reduces breast pain, breast swelling, PMS breast symptoms, cystic issues, calcifications and even fear of breast cancer.  That seems like a better, more freindly way to "get to know your girls."

The Breast Health Project has created a new model of breast care based on holistic medicine, using the best of eastern and western therapies.

  • You can learn how to help your body - mentally, physically and emotionally.

  • You can learn simple principles of holistic medicine and breast health.

This website is designed to educate you to think about your breasts differently and help you to reduce your risk for breast cancer.

Learn four simple techniques that you can use on a daily basis to enhance your breast health.

Any one of the four techniques can fit into a busy daily routine. We have seen many women who were fearful of breast cancer become empowered when they become proactive in their breast care to support the body’s immune function.

Check out what other women have to say about this work!

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Creating Breast Health DVD

We made this DVD because so many clients begged us to. It is one hour long and is a complete self taught course! This way you can learn the exercises in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Creating Breast Health DVD


Ours is a proactive approach to breast health, a model based in holistic medicine. It assumes the principle of homeostasis - that your body is always working towards maintaining balance. Your body will work on your behalf. Check out the website and use some of the exercises to INCREASE YOUR BREAST HEALTH.


The idea of preventing breast cancer has been around for thousands of years in the Chinese and Ayurvedic medical texts.

Chinese text suggest, for example, that one vigorously rub the breasts until they are red and warm in order to enhance breast health and prevent breast disease. This stimulation will activate and balance the energetic meridians that run through the chest area.

In western therapies, lymphatic massage is used to clean tissue and strengthen the immune system. This website is designed to educate women about breast health from both eastern energetic and western anatomical perspectives.


According to eastern theories, before breast disease develops there will be
signs of hormonal imbalance in other reproductive organs. A woman's reproductive health is a great indicator for future disease.

Ovarian issues, menstrual issues, endometrial issues and fibroids may be considered pre-cursors to breast disease. From the perspective of this model, if you medicate the symptoms, you may overlook the underlying cause.

Early interventions to balance the physiology will prevent more serious conditions.

In the western medical model, OUR LYMPHATIC SYSTEM IS THE NETWORK THAT KEEPS TISSUE CLEAN AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM WORKING at an optimum level. It is often called the garbage collector of the body. The immune system also carries our immune cells to fight infections and bacteria. There is research to show that increasing movement of the lymphatic system also increases the immune system function.

Simple yet powerful massage techniques can increase lymph movement. It is well accepted today that increased exposure to environmental toxins creates a burden on the immune system. A high functioning lymphatic system is important in cleansing toxins from the system. Studies have shown that when breast cancer cells are put in a healthy environment, the cancer cells are recognized and killed by the immune system. Many of the new cancer drugs are actually immune stimulants. The lymphatic system is vital to cancer prevention.

This website will introduce you to breast massage techniques that have a basis in western and eastern medicine.


The Breast Health Project is dedicated to educating women in practical holistic techniques that can be used to increase their breast health, changing attitudes from fear to knowledge and empowerment.

We are not Doctors.  We cannot treat or diagnose you.  Nothing on this site is intended as treatment or to replace the advise of your doctor.


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